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I'm a Full Stack Engineer who enjoys working with Machine Learning.

Full-stack developer with extensive experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, and DevOps. An alumnus of UC Berkeley and a Computer Science major at SRM University. I've worked on several large-scale initiatives in partnership with many industry leaders. Also, an active contributor to Open Source projects regularly.

Abbas Mohammed
Worked with

Computer Science Engineering

2018-2022 | CGPA: 3.8/4
SRM University, AP

Technology Entrepreneurship

2019-2020 | CGPA: 3.7/4
University of California, Berkeley

Head of Engineering, MasterExchange

February 2022 ─ Present

MasterExchange is the first web3-based investing platform for music record labels. As the team's head of engineering and lead full-stack developer, I oversaw the platform's development. I've worked as a Backend Engineer, Cloud Architect, Database Designer, Blockchain Developer, and Systems Engineer whilst fulfilling my leadership duties of managing a team of 7+ members from various backgrounds and expertise. As part of efforts to prepare the platform for web3, I acquired hands-on expertise with implementing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Lead Software Engineer, Predli

August 2020 ─ Present

At Predli, I was in charge of various initiatives. I worked with AI, NLP, Statistical Modeling, Backend Development, Frontend Development, Blockchain Development, System Design, Database Engineering, and Cloud Architecture. Interacted directly with numerous clients throughout Europe who are working on cutting-edge technologies. Lead and trained developers,   Delivered software products, collaborated with CXOs of several startups on technical aspects, and helped them in raising capital.

Technical Lead,

September 2021 ─ Present

As the lead engineer of, I built a cutting-edge product from the ground up, utilising multiple technologies such as AI and NLP. I was the product's primary Backend and Frontend developer, as well as the sole DevOps engineer. Since then, several significant European organisations have used the product. I've also collaborated with contractors from the British Ministry of Defence and the NATO alliance to provide expertise in data analysis of psychological assessments, as well as the development of a dashboard system for quick access to analytics.

Software Developer, Predli

June 2020 ─ August 2020

MEI - A Data Analytic tool used to measure Program Execution Success - was a project I led and delivered. AWS (Beanstalk, EC2, RDS), Git, Docker, Flask, D3.js, Pandas, and other technologies were used. I've also worked with ReactJs, Headless CMS, Gatsby, AWS (S3, EC2, CloudFront), CircleCI, and JVectormaps to build large-scale websites.

Software Developer & Researcher, SCET UC Berkeley

Spring 2020

I collaborated with Berkeley Innovation Index on People Sciences research and the development of Project-BIT, a statistically supported data visualisation tool that assists industry experts with mentorship and interventions.

Undergraduate Researcher, Next Tech Lab

October 2018 ─ October 2020

I was a member of the Minsky Lab, which works on artificial intelligence applications. I've led a number of research initiatives in the fields of machine learning, image processing, and natural language processing. I've also mentored students on artificial intelligence, deep learning, and Full-Stack Development basics.

Years of
Industry Products
Open Source

Full-Stack Engineering

3+ Years Experience

Data Science

3+ Years Experience


2+ Years Experience

UI/UX Design

2+ Year Experience
Industry Projects
Mentor Execution IndexBerkeley Index for Tenacity

"Abbas is an excellent software engineer and data scientist. He has been the lead developer of several Predli projects, was a great student at UC Berkeley, and he has played a crucial role in delivering excellent dev results at Predli. Abbas is focused, reliable, and goal-oriented, at the same time he is a great team player who I know will have a positive impact in any position / situation he takes on professionally and academically. I highly recommend and endorse Abbas without reservations."

Alexander Fred-Ojala, CEO at Predli

"Real skills seldom stand out in such a way as Abbas has in my experience. Over the course of my three years at UC Berkeley and SRM University, I had the privilege of working with Abbas on a number of projects. Incredibly gifted Full Stack Developer, Abbas is an asset to any team. Abbas' multitasking skills were unmatched by anybody else I've worked with, and he helped our teams become far more productive as a result. Abbas has earned my highest recommendation as a member or team leader and as well as a Software Expert."

Rishvanth Katragadda, Software Developer at PayPal

"...Abbas is incredibly resourceful and one of the best results-oriented people I've known. He gets stuff done. period. He joined Next Tech Lab AP right after he joined university, He's since worked on and led projects at the lab, mentored newer lab members and developed a solid skill set that includes full stack web development, machine learning, devops and mobile app development. He'd be perfect for software engineering roles and a valuable addition to any team..."

Aditthya Ramakrishnan, Founder at Next Tech Lab







Do you provide consulting?


Yes, I offer consulting services in areas such as SaaS, Data-Driven Technologies, People Science Technologies, and general software engineering. You may email me if you'd like to schedule a Zoom meeting.


What are the fields in which you work?


Front-end development, back-end development, Blockchain and Web3, DevOps, machine learning, natural language processing, data science, and graphic design are all areas in which I specialise. I am conversant and have worked with most of the recent frameworks and languages employed by industry leaders.


What is your professional background?


I've been programming for over a decade and developing and delivering projects for clients for over three years. I've worked with universities, governments, and Fortune 100 organisations (directly and indirectly). In addition, I've led and contributed to several high-impact open-source initiatives.

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Hyderabad, India

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